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Low Profile Lift Table


Type Art No () Capacity (kg) E X F - Platform Dimensions (M) H - Stroke (mm) C - Closed Height (M) Lifting Time (sn) Motor (kW) Weight (kg)
TUB.2/06-08 75.06.0016001450 x 114076085210,75230
TUB.2/06-10 75.06.0026001610 x 114097085250,75250
TUB.2/10-08 75.10.00310001450 x 114076085210,75350
TUB.2/10-10 75.10.00410001610 x 114097085251,1380
TUB.2/15-08 75.15.00515001450 x 114076085301,1350
TUB.2/15-10 75.15.00615001610 x 114097085301,1380
TUB.2/20-08 75.20.00720001450 x 1140760100281,5400
TUB.2/20-10 75.20.00820001610 x 1140970100321,5420

Low Profile lift table load capacity from 100 kg to 3000 kg.

The flat form lifting table has a closed floor position of only 80-120mm

Comprehensive program of accessories and options for customization of the single scissor lift tables.

24 V DC control unit and operating device with Deadman's switch.

Armored hoses to provide hose damage protection

Complies with European safety standard EN 1570-1 - CE certified.

Safety spacing between all moving parts of the lift table.

IP54 approved electrical system.

Overload protection.

Adjustable trap prevention safety trip bars on all four sides of the platform.

All lifts tested to +30% overload

The single scissor lift table is equipped with hose burst valves and mechanical locks for servicing and maintenance.

Maintenance-free bearing surface.

High quality cylinders for smooth, safe operation

Low-maintenance and trouble-free operation thanks to high quality, robust components.

Maintenance brackets

Accessories, such as removable protective railings, cross-over brackets, bellows, roller track attachments, special, turning and tipping platforms, are available.

Lifting eye bolts

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